Training #1

This is a project blog made by me Victor, I'm a 18 year old student in Sweden. I study Cultural Science there and as a hobby I train/work out a lot.

This blog will be a progress diary-kinda thing made off my daily working out basis and its progress/failures, I have fair experience when it comes to diets and loosing weight in general as I was heavily over-weight 2 years ago, I started working out, eating healthy and lost 25 kilos during 6 months.

I'll be posting pictures hopefully as well as tips/tricks for people who want to get into heavy weight-lifting training or for those who wants to loose a few pounds/kilo/Lbs whatever your country measures in.

Also, here's my philosophy on how to loose weight, works for me :

Weight timeline:

2009: 130kg
2010: 105kg
2011: 118kg

Today: 106kg

Magnus Samuelsson

Not only a symbol for bodybuilders and strongmen all over the world but also a symbol for Sweden when it comes to our pride. Samuelsson is and has always been one of my inspirations over the years, both before I started working out. He’s been the Worlds Strongest at least once and continues to prove himself a worthy opponent to younger strongmens.

Although he’s getting old he’s still the only one worthy the title of Viking in Sweden. 

So yeah, Magnus Samuelsson. What a badass.

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